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OpenTable’s Data Creates Revenue Opportunities


Recently, Priceline purchased OpenTable for a 46% premium!  This may seem high for the restaurant reservation service, but I can see why Priceline would pay $2.6 billion for the company.  The company still has a great opportunity to further expand its reservation and software sales into domestic and international markets, as they have only captured a small portion of these markets.  The purchase also allows for Priceline to provide a dining experience for its traveling customers.  But I am more interested what Matt Roberts, OpenTable’s CEO, said in the 2013 Annual Report “we serve and engage users in new ways that create active, loyal customers for life” and I believe these “new ways” will not only foster a greater customer engagement, but will also drive new revenue opportunities through its data knowledge of its 15 million users.

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Product Management Driving Domino’s 12X Stock Growth


While watching the Boston Bruins take a 3-1 series lead over the Detroit Red Wings, commercials advertising Domino’s new “Specialty Chicken” caught my attention.  I began thinking that chicken dishes were an interesting product expansion for a restaurant known for 30 minute pizza delivery.  So the next day, I Googled Domino’s and was shocked to see that Domino’s stock value has generated a 12x return over the last 5 years! Further digging has brought me to the conclusion that Domino’s is winning through product management by improving and expanding upon its menu with the help of technology to increase spend per order, as well as interacting with its customers to increase customer retention.

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