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3 App Success Metrics Through Data – Hopper’s Flight Tonight


In July, Hopper launched its new iPhone App, Flight Tonight that provides prices for last minute, same day and next day flights. Personally, I am extremely excited about the app and use it habitually every Thursday and Friday to see if I can book an affordable last minute getaway. But with over 1.2 million apps in the app store and an average travel app’s half-life of 4 months, how is an app to get noticed and succeed long term? The way I look at it, in order for this app to prosper, it must attain these three success metrics: habit formation, conversion and viral appeal. Through data, I believe an app like Flight Tonight can succeed at attaining these metrics. For example, gathering more data on the user to refine users’ experience will promote habits and increase app utilization, overlaying additional data to better inform a user will increase the likelihood of conversions/purchases, and tracking data regarding the app’s usage can create a viral loop. Now I know the app is just over a month old, but I believe Hopper has the right skillset and vision to benefit from implementing these types of data. So here are my thoughts as to how Hopper can use data to its advantage in growing its Flight Tonight app. I have no knowledge of whether Hopper takes, or plans to take, any of these approaches. Read More…